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Founded by Claire Golding, Musical Youth aims to support the music that children are learning in school and help improve their concentration, patience, social and problem-solving skills.

The research says playing an instrument makes you smarter……

Musical Youth is a music school that aims to back up the music that children are learning in school.
Our classes can offer:
Recorder Tuition for children in years 2 and 3. (More classes coming soon!)
Music Theory taught alongside learning an instrument.
Musical games to promote a wider understanding of all aspects of music.
Smaller group lessons on clarinet, saxophone and bassoon for children in years 4-7.
Ensemble and concert opportunities for all players.
Lessons presented in a fun and engaging way.
Lessons taught by a highly qualified teacher.

Our aim is to get children to really enjoy playing a musical instrument and the social aspect of playing in a group for as little as £6 a week.

Claire Golding

Experience: 22 years
Specialisation: Woodwind


Contact Me

    About The Teacher

    My name is Claire Golding and I am a trained Secondary School Music Teacher.


    In the past, I have taken groups and individuals to perform in local Music Festivals and taken a group from Shoebury to perform in the final of Music for Youth at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall.


    I fully believe that playing an instrument can help children improve their concentration, patience, social skills and problem-solving skills.


    My aim is to get children to enjoy playing an instrument and enjoying the social aspect of playing instruments together in groups.


    I have a Music Degree BA(Hons) from Colchester Insitute School of Music.

    I have a GTP teaching qualification for classroom teaching in Music.

    I have grade 8 in clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, theory and piano. I also have grade 5 trombone.

    I also have an ATCL in music education (specifically in one to one instrument lessons)

    I have taught at various local schools including Shoeburyness High School and St Hilda’s Independent School. I have taught all ages from nursery to A level throughout my career and my students achieved excellent results for their GCSE and A Level exams.
    I am able to use this experience to teach in a way that gets good results whilst remaining friendly and approachable.


    I have worked with children of all ages from nursery to year 13 and have taught academic classes all the way to A-Level. I have a proven track record of getting students to achieve excellent results in both academic and practical exams and have experience of entering children for GCSE, A-Level and ABRSM Grade exams. I also have an ATCL in Music Education focusing on teaching instruments to individual students.

    Instruments Offered

    Beginner Recorder 100%
    Beginner Piano 100%
    Music Theory 100%
    Ensembles 100%
    Clarinet 100%
    Saxophone 100%
    Bassoon 100%
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