Do I need to bring my own recorder?

No, recorders will be provided. Children are welcome to have their own at home to practice on between sessions

Does my child need to practice in between sessions?

It is not a requirement for the beginner groups although if they want to practice it will lead to faster progress and higher levels of engagement. In the more advanced groups, they will need to practice in between sessions (and hopefully they will want to.)

Do I need to provide any music?

No, we will use the book Red Hot Recorder by Sarah Watts primarily with some extra material from other sources. They are welcome to buy their own books to practice from at home if they wish (but they are not required to do so.)

What can they do next after learning the recorder?

I am able to offer small group tuition for other woodwind instruments (clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, trombone) and will hopefully be able to expand into other instruments in the future.
I have a few clarinets the can be hired and instruments can also be hired from Dawkes Music in Maidenhead or from Essex Music Service as long as the student is at an Essex school or Southend Music Service if they are at a Southend school.

How many are in the group lessons?

There will be a maximum of 6 at the moment but once Coronavirus regulations start to be lifted the group size can increase to a maximum of 10.
This is still fewer than if they were learning at school as part of the whole class instrument lesson schemes.

How long are the lessons?

1 hour.

How much are lessons?

£6 per student for each lesson (1 hour long).

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